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Processing Beef

If you raise your own beef or you need help finding some, 5H Custom Meats can get you taken care of! We can help with halves and quarters, also.

Click here to download and print our Beef Processing Sheet.
Give us a call if you have any questions!

Processed beef must be picked up 2 weeks after being called or $20.00/week storage fee will apply.

**Effective March 1, 2021**
Any beef over 450lbs halves (900lbs whole beef) will be charged an extra $10 per half.

Beef Processing Costs
Slaughter $50 per head
Disposal Fee $16 per head

Paper Wrap $0.65 / pound
      1 steak/pk $0.03/pound extra
Vacuum Pack $0.65 / pound
Split Side:
  Paper Wrap $0.67 / pound
  Vacuum Pack $0.67 / pound
Patties $0.90 / pound

Home Killed Meat
Boning and Packaging:
Paper Wrap $0.70 / pound
Vacuum Pack $0.70 / pound

*Prices subject to change

Beef Processing Sheet   |   Pork Processing Sheet   |   Deer Processing Sheet   |   Lamb & Goat Processing Sheet

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